A humble PHP framework & CMS

Adding Users

Initially, the site has one "super user" with the "developer" role who was created at the time of installation.

New users can be added by navigating to ~/user/register and submitting the registration form.

By default, this new user is automatically given the "login" role. This allows them to enter their credentials on the login page and access their user profile page to update their username, password or SMS phone number (if enabled.)

In order for the newly registered user to access the CMS, the initial "super user" or another user with the "users" role must grant them the specific access and task roles through the Users Manager.

Other considerations

If you do not want a newly registered user to be given the "login" role automatically, update the file ~/humble/controllers/user.php by finding the register() function and commenting out the following:

$role = ORM::for_table( _table_user_roles)->create();
$role->role_id = 1;
$role->user_id = $user->id;

To remove the registration page alltogether, remove the "register" link on the login page at ~/humblee/views/user/login.php and then, in the Core_Controller_User controller (~/humblee/controllers/user.php) find the register() function and add the following line near the top:


This will stop the register page from loading and simply forward the users back to the login page.